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Master's Programs

Master of Applied Geography Degree (MAG)

Designed to train geographers to use their skills and background knowledge to solve real-world problems with geographic dimensions. Applied geography includes such sub-fields as environmental management, land use planning, location analysis, land management, transportation systems planning, applied physical geography, geographic aspects of environmental law, remote sensing, cartography, geographic information science, and computer analysis. The degree is intended to prepare the student for middle management employment, but research skills taught in this program are excellent training for students who intend to proceed to doctoral work.

The majors available under the MAG Degree in geography are:

  • Resource and Environmental Studies 
  • Geographic Information Science
  • Land Management 
  • Geographic Education
  • Geography (general concentration)

Master of Science Degree (MS)

The objective of the MS program is to provide theoretical, research-oriented master's-level instruction in environmental geography, geographic education and other areas of departmental expertise to interested and qualified students who wish eventually to pursue doctoral work in geography or prepare themselves for research-oriented or teaching careers. The program was formally approved by of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in August 2000.

Graduate Policies and Procedures Handbook

12 MAG P&P (PDF,152 KB)