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Project Geography Online (Project GO)

Project GO (Geography Online)

Project Description:

Project Geography Online (Project GO) will provide Texas teachers with the ability to access free online professional development in geography. Four new programs will be developed for our online professional development series, “Geography: Teaching with the Stars” ( Instead of bringing the camera into the classroom, this new video series will focus on four professional development workshops led by teacher leaders in geography. This is your chance to be a Star teacher and share your favorite teaching strategies and pedagogies with fellow teachers across the state and nation.

Four interdisciplinary teaching modules were developed and will be the focus of Project GO (water resources, tornado alley, urban heat islands, and precision agriculture). Each module contains three to four lessons and is constructed as a problem-based learning scenario in which students use geographic and scientific knowledge, math, and geospatial technology to solve real-world issues. The geospatial technology included is simple but useful, including Google Earth, Google Maps, and ArcGIS Online.

The project will bring teacher leaders together at ESC Region 20 to review the four teaching modules and discuss different teaching strategies and pedagogies they would use to teach the modules. The interactions between the teachers will be videotaped, edited, and made available on the project website in four separate professional development programs. These online programs will be used by a second group of teachers to measure effectiveness and usefulness at a later date. The modules will be available online for any teacher to access at any time to gain valuable professional development in geography.