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Graduate Student Research

Carmen Brysch, Graduated May 2014

Carmen Brysch is currently working on the Grosvenor Center project, Geography: Teaching with the Stars. This is a video-based series of professional development programs for teachers. Her current research is analyzing and evaluating teachers' perceptions of Stars as an avenue of professional development and how it compares to face-to-face professional development. Geography rules!
Carmen Brysch

Mary Curtis, Graduated May 2015

Mary D. Curtis' dissertation research consists of two phases. Phase one is an assessment of high school geography teachers' current rate of adoption of the use of geospatial technology using Everett Rogers' innovation-decision process stages. In phase two, the work of Mishra and Kohler is used to determine whether teachers who have gained more technological, pedagogical and content-knowledge from their professional development experiences are more likely to adopt and use geospatial technology to teach geography to high school students.
Mary Curtis

Cheryl Frazier, ABD

Cheryl Frazier is conducting research on models of delivery for geography teacher professional development, with an emphasis on how teachers implement in their classrooms what they have learned.
Cheryl Frazier

Michael Scholz, Graduated August 2014

Michael Scholz’s research assesses students’ performance on AP Human Geography (APHG) exams and evaluates factors impacting those performances. Research to date on APHG has informed geography education on participation, opportunities and teaching techniques. An analysis of performance on APHG exams could provide some insights for administrators, teachers and counselors in their implementation of the APHG program and help students improve performance on APHG exams.