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Distinguished Scholars

R. Denise Blanchard

PhD University of Colorado-Boulder, 1992; past-director

Natural and environmental hazards, environmental studies, mitigation andpreparedness behavior, recovery planning and policy, environmental hazards in Texas and the borderlands

David Butler

PhD University of Kansas, 1982; past-director

Geomorphic hazards (including those caused by 20thC warming), mountain environments, zoogeomorphology, landslides, snow avalanches, natural dam failures (e.g., beaver, glacial)

Senior Scholars

Richard W. Dixon

PhD Texas A&M University, 1996; past-director

Climatology, oceanography, weather- and climate-related hazards, coastal issues

Ronald R. Hagelman, III

PhD Texas State University-San Marcos, 2001

Environmental geography, hazards

Susan M. Macey

PhD University of Illinois-Urbana, 1982

Human impact of natural and technological hazards, energy, health and equity issues, and the use of GIS for environmental applications


Brock Brown

PhD University of Oklahoma, 1992

Geographic education; Urban-Wildland Interface (UWI) and wildfire; cultural ecology; historical geography; culture and environments of the Southwestern US


Nate Currit

PhD Pennsylvania State University, 2003

Land-use and land cover change, remote sensing

Frederick Day

PhD Ohio State University, 1982

Social and economic impact of population change, human population movements, depopulation, diffusion processes

Rene A. De Hon

PhD Texas Tech University, 1970

Planetary geology/geomorphology, terrestrial analogs of planetary features

Richard A. Earl

PhD Arizona State University, 1983

Flood hazards,geomorphology, field methods, hydroclimatology, and Texas water resources

Sven Fuhrmann

PhD Westfaelische Wilhelms-University, Muenster, Germany, 2002

GIScience, 3D visualization and interaction

Alberto Giordano

PhD Syracuse University-New York, 1999

GIScience policy applications, multimedia/ web, cartography, historical GIS, GPS

Don Huebner

PhD University of Texas at Austin, 2002

Medical geography (Vibrio vulnificus), coastal hazards, landscape ecology, GIS, cartography, biogeography, environmental hazards/history, conservation/wildlife management, geomorphology, remote sensing, paleo-ecology, Geo-Ed, American mountain west, cultural

Jennifer Jensen

PhD University of Idaho, 2009

Lidar remote sensing of vegetation structure; multi-sensor data synthesis; land use/land cover change; remote sensing/GIS integration

Yongmei Lu

Yongmei Lu

PhD State University of New York-Buffalo, 2001

GIS, urban and regional analysis, environment and health, geography of China and East Asia

Osvaldo Muniz

Risk reduction (EIA) on massive industrial site (dams operations, mining operationsmuniz); disaster risk reduction (DRR) for natural hazards (earthquakes and tsunamis); geographic education on population vulnerability and assessment. Middle America and South America.

Philip Suckling

PhD University of British Columbia-Vancouver, 1977; Center Director

Climatology, natural hazards

Ben Zhan

Ph.D. State University of New York-Buffalo,1994

GIScience, health and the environment, transportation network science

Center Affiliates

(Faculty from outside Texas State University's Department of Geography)

Past Faculty Scholars

Sharolyn Anderson            Robert Larsen    
Deborah Bryan                  George Malanson      
Craig Colten                      Allison Payton           
Joanna Curran                   Fred Shelley
Ron Eyton                        David Stea
Mark Horner                      John Tiefenbacher  
Laura Stroup
Mark Fonstad