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Geography Technology and Teaching Labs

Our department houses 88 64-bit Windows 7 workstations in 4 computer labs in the building. These systems are used primarily for geography majors and geology minors taking various technological and research courses. Each system is supplied with the latest processing power using Intel I7 processors. These processors can handle tasks as simple as typing a paper to more graphic and computational intensive tasks.

Please see our teaching lab hours schedule for classtimes and open lab hours.

  Software Inventory Room 120 Room 121 Room 122 Room 123
  Windows 10 Enterprise X X X X
  Microsoft Office 2015 Professional X X X X
  Microsoft Lynch / Visio X X X X
Mapping Applications -> ESRI ArcGIS 10.4 X X X X
  Grass GIS X X X X
  Trimble Pathfinder Office X X X X
Graphics & Image Editing -> Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 X X X X
  Adobe Photoship Creative Cloud X X X X
  Adobe Acrobat DC X X X X
  Adobe Flash/Shockwave/Reader X X X X
Statistics -> IBM SPSS v22 X X X X
  JMP Pro v11 X X X X
Remote Sensing -> Exelis Envi 5.1 X X X X
  ERDAS Imagine X X X X
  Google Earth X X X X
  Google SketchUp X X X X
  DNR Garmin X X X X
  QCoherent LP 360 X X X X
  7 -Zip X X X X
  DJVu X X X X