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Texas Geography Student Research Symposium(TxGSRS)

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Welcome to the 12th Annual Texas Geography Student Research Symposium (TxGSRS) website.

The Department of Geography at Texas State University will host the TxGSRS on March 24, 2017. The TxGSRS is a free student-led professional one-day conference designed to celebrate and encourage geography students, both graduate and undergraduate, to conduct high quality research. The event provides a forum for graduate and undergraduate students to share their research interests with peers and faculty and to cultivate broader and stronger community within the diverse discipline of Geography.

This year's keynote speaker is Dr. Caroline Faria from The University of Texas at Austin. The title of her talk will be, "It's my day...and I want it big!": neoliberal globalization and the rise and rise of an East African wedding industry.

caroline faria Caroline Faria is a feminist political geographer working on gender, nationalism and globalization in East Africa. Through a feminist and postcolonial lens, she examines how the nation is bounded, reproduced and contested in the performances of gendered bodies and the interplay between nationalism and globalization in this process. Her current work focuses on the politics of beauty, following the production, distribution and consumption of beauty products from Dubai to Kampala and onto the emerging markets in the newly independent republic of South Sudan. Via a feminist commodity chain analysis, she explores the gendered, racialized and nationalized notions of fashion and beauty in the region, and the contradictory ways in which the foreign, the modern and the cosmopolitan are both celebrated and worried over in this industry.

The event is comprised of:

  • Paper and poster presentations
  • A plenary session
  • Undergraduate poster competition
  • Geography bowl game
  • Field trip

Lunch and snacks are provided with registration. On-site registration will be available the day of the event, but we request that you register online for planning purposes.

We hope to see you there.









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