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GIScience courses offered at Texas State University
Course No 
Course Name 
Average Enrollment Frequency Taught
Undergraduate Courses
GEO2426 Fundamentals of GIS 50 Five times a year
GEO2427 Management & Implementation of GIS 25 Twice a year
GEO3310 Quantitative Methods in Geography 45 Twice a year
GEO3323 Location Analysis 25 Once a year
GEO4426 Advanced GIS I  25 Twice a year
GEO4427 GIS Design & Implementation 20 Twice a year
GEO3411 Map Compilation & Graphics 45 Twice a year
GEO4411 Map Design 45 Twice a year
GEO4422 Computer Cartography  25 Once a year
GEO3416 Principles of Remote Sensing 45 Once a year
GEO4412 Digital Remote Sensing 20 Once year
GEO4440 Topics in GIS/Cartography/Remote Sensing 25 Twice a year
Master's Courses
GEO5301 Multivariate  Quantitative Methods 45 Twice a year
GEO5323 Location  Analysis 25 Once a year
GEO5408 Applied  Cartography 20 Once a year
GEO5415 Digital Remote Sensing and Terrain Modeling 16 Once a year
GEO5417 Computer Cartography 20 Once a year
GEO5418 Graduate GIS I 20 Twice a year
GEO5419 Graduate GIS II 20 Once year
Ph.D. Courses
GEO7301 Advanced Quantitative Methods 10 Once year
GEO7316 Remote Sensing and the Environment 5 Once every other year
GEO7319 Environmental Digital Terrain Modeling 5 Once every other year
GEO7343 GIS & Environmental Analysis 7 Once every other year
GEO7347 Spatial Graphics in Geographic Education 5 Once a year
GEO7418 Technical Foundations of Geographic Information Science
Once a year
GEO7361 Advanced Geographic Information Systems
Once every other year
GEO7362 Multivariate Mapping
Once every other year
GEO7363 Geographic Geodesy
Once every other year
GEO7364 Geocomputation
Once every other year
GEO7365 Cartography and Visualization
Once a year
GEO7366 Advanced Topics in Remote Sensing
Once a year
GEO7367 Geographic Information Science and Society
Once every other year
GEO7372 Seminar in Geographic Information Science
Once every other year
GIScience Related Library Holdings at Texas State
Books 1,765
Journals 132
Maps 10,600
Aerial Photographs Texas-Mexico border aerial photographs
Digital Spatial Data Census data, EPA, Texas DOQQ