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Are you interested in bringing students to visit the Department of Geography?

Please read through all of the following information before completing the form. Please see a virtual map and directions to our department.

1. If you are interested in any of the following tours, please make those
    reservations BEFORE completing this form.

2. The Department of Geography prefers to host tours on Friday so that
    visitors can tour the computer labs, classrooms, and the full department
    without disrupting classes.

3. To request a tour of the Department of Geography, complete the form
    below. We prefer that you submit the form at least 30 days before your
. You will receive a follow-up email from us within 7 days.

4. Once a date is set for your visit, complete the Minors on Campus - Registration Form for Visiting
form. This information goes to the
    University, not the Department of Geography.

Are you also participating in any of the following tours? (Reservations must be made directly with Admissions or The Meadows Center for these tour options.)