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Graduate Faculty

Faculty Information   Category E-mail Classification Research Interest
Last Name Name        
Blanchard Denise Core Doc Professor Natural and Environmental Hazards, Economic Geography, Environmental Studies, Research Methods, Historical
Blue Sarah Core Doc Associate Latin America, Population, Migration, Qualitative Methods
Boehm Richard Core Doc Jones Professor Geographic Education, Economic Geography
Butler David Core Doc Regents' Professor Geomorphology, Biogeography, Natural Hazards, Mountain Environments and Environmental Change, Glacier National Park
Carter Mark Lecturer Senior Lecturer Quantitative Methods, Spatial Statistics, Land Use Planning Management and Conservation, Energy
Chow Edwin Core Doc Associate GIScience, Internet‐GIS, GIS‐Based Modeling, GIScience programming, Scale, Uncertainty and Accuracy Assessment, Lidar
Cooper Brian Adj Grad Senior Lecturer World Regional Geography, U.S. and Canada, Economic Geography
Currit Nathan Core Doc Associate Uncertainty and Change in Human‐Environment Systems, Remote Sensing and Land Cover Change, GIScience
Davio Rebecca Adj Grad Assistant Professor of
Solid Waste Management, Land Management
Devine Jennifer Core Doc Assistant Political, Latin America, Nature and Heritage Tourism, Qualitative Methods
Dixon Richard Core Doc Professor Climatology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Environmental Geography, Quantitative Methods, Hazards
Estaville Lawrence Core Doc Professor Ethnic Geography, Geographic Education, Business Geography
Giordano Alberto Core Doc Professor Historical GIS, Holocaust and Genocide Geography, Cartography, Spatial Applications of Forensic Anthropology
Hagelman Ron Core Doc Associate Environmental, Hazards and Disasters, Historical, Land Management and Conservation, Urban Environment / Agriculture
Jammes Suzon Adj Grad Senior Lecturer Geology, Geophysics
Jensen Jennifer Core Doc Associate Lidar, Remote Sensing, Biogeography, Land Use/Land Cover Change
Jo Injeong Core Doc Assistant Geography and Spatial Thinking Education, Geography and Social Studies Teacher Preparation, Geospatial Technologies for Education,
Assessment in Geography
Julian Jason Core Doc Associate Water Resources, Environmental Services, Fluvial Geomorphology
Loftus Tim Assoc Doc Professor of Practice Water Conservation
Lu Yongmei Core Doc Professor GIScience, Urban and Regional Analysis, Geography of China and East Asia, Crime/ Health Geography
Meitzen Kimberly Core Doc Assistant Fluvial Processes and Geomorphology, River Basin Management, Biogeography
Muniz Osvaldo Core Doc Professor Geographic Education, Latin America, Online Learning Methods, New Technologies for Global Collaboration, International Flows
Myles Colleen Core Doc Assistant Environmental Management, Cultural Ecology, Urban‐Rural Fringe, Qualitative Method
Sarmiento Eric Core Doc Assistant Nature/Society Analysis, Urban Geography, Cultural Geography
Savelyev Alexander Core Doc Assistant Geovisualization of Textual Information, Social Media, Cartography
Solem Michael Core Doc Research Professor Geographic Education
Tiefenbacher John Core Doc Professor Environmental, Hazards & Disasters, Air Quality, Environmental Problems of the US‐Mexico Borderlands, Human Dimensions of Wildlife,
States of the Former Soviet Union
van der Kolk Dolores Adj Grad Lecturer Geology, Structural Geology
Yuan Yihong Core Doc Assistant GIScience, Spatio‐Temporal Data Mining, GIScience Programming
Zhan Ben Core Doc Professor GIS, Health and the Environment, Transportation and Network Science