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Other Ways The Geography Department Can Help Your Organization

Texas State University’s Geography Department Community Outreach Initiatives

Texas State University’s Geography Department is one of the largest programs in the country and is nationally and internationally regarded. The Department offers undergraduate, masters, and doctorate degrees in geography, the natural environment, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and more.

The Geography Department has three different community outreach initiatives to assist government agencies and non-profits in gathering, analyzing, and depicting various types of data:

Some of these initiatives are available at no cost and others are available at very reasonable prices. Each of these Geography Department offerings benefit students by helping them learn to solve real-world problems, and benefits decision-makers by providing extra energy and fresh perspectives to solve local challenges. Some projects may allow for combining several of these initiatives, maximizing the benefits for all involved.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Service-Learning Capstone Class

The Geography Department offers an upper-level course (GEO 4427: GIS Consulting Practicum) which links a group of 3-5 students with either a non-profit or governmental agency to provide pro-bono GIS consultation and technical support. The partnership provides students an opportunity to participate in the full life cycle of a GIS project, while developing their GIS capabilities in a team setting at a professional level. Students in this class are mostly seniors who have completed introductory and advanced GIS and remote sensing courses.


  • Project scope should be approximately 100 hours
  • Client must be a governmental agency or non-profit organization
  • Client representative must provide a two-page Request for Proposal (RFP) and attend 4 presentation sessions during the semester to provide guidance and feedback on students’ work
  • Project scope can be anything related to GIS and mapping; spatial analysis (geostatistics) related projects are especially encouraged
  • The site must be in the San Marcos area if field work is required
  • GEO 4427 is only offered in the spring semester

For further inquiries, please contact Dr. Yihong Yuan at


The Department of Geography encourages students to complete an internship while completing their degree. Internships can help students develop their technical and problem-solving skills and translate their academic knowledge in a professional work environment. To receive college credit for their internship, students must work a minimum of 150 hours, maintain a daily work log, and complete an internship assessment report.


  • Students must complete a minimum of 150 work hours, either full or part-time
  • Students need to be supervised and provided equipment to complete their assignments
  • Students are provided with valuable career launching skills and experiences
  • Ideally, students are paid for their work

For further inquiries, please contact the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Rebecca Davio at

Institute for Government Innovation (IGI)

The Institute for Government Innovation (IGI) is a unique consultancy leveraging university talent and resources to solve real-world problems and help students transition to careers.

IGI provides a broad array of services and specializes in collecting, compiling, and analyzing numeric and written data. We turn this raw data into actionable information enabling our clients to make better, data-driven policy decisions.

Other services our custom-built teams have provided include: quantitative and geographic analysis using GIS, location analyses, digitized as-built utility plans, predictive modeling to forecast staffing resource needs, primary and secondary research, policy analysis, development of an award-winning online policy and procedure knowledge library, training to transition necessary knowledge skills to agency staff, research to influence policy decision making for legislative sessions, development of animated videos and Public Service Announcements, and website usability analysis and redesign.

Our clients choose IGI because we supply vital services they don’t have the time and/or expertise to perform. We manage the projects in-house and provide regular status updates—allowing our clients to focus on their other job responsibilities. IGI is a steppingstone for our student workers to begin their career and an opportunity for our clients to get high-value, high-quality deliverables. IGI can handle small and large projects and scale up quickly to meet customer demand. We provide a trustworthy and independent perspective. We work to improve today’s decisions and tomorrow’s decisionmakers.


  • Available for hire by government agencies, non-profits, and for-profit businesses on small-scale or long-term projects in a variety of topic areas

For information, please contact IGI’s Director, Dr. Rebecca Davio at
or 512 431-9119