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The Gilbert M. Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education

Check out what's going on at the Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


  • February 2019 -- The Grosvenor Center and National Center hosted a Powerful Geography workshop with social studies consultants and coordinators from across the state of Texas. The full day workshop was spent brainstorming and collaborating on what Powerful Geography looks like in the classroom and the best method of dissemination.  This was one step closer to getting Powerful Geography out into the classroom.

    group participants




  • November 1-4, 2018 -- The Grosvenor Center and National Center hosted a Powerful Geography Conference in San Jose, Costa Rica. To read about the conference, see photos, and watch videos click here. 


  • August 2018 -- Joann Zadrozny and Dr. Michael Solem traveled to Quebec City, Quebec, Canada for the National Council for Geographic Education Annual Conference. There they presented on Powerful Geography. 


  • April 11-15, 2018 -- The Annual Meeting for the American Association of Geographers was held in New Orleans, LA. During the meeting, Dr. Richard Boehm, Dr. Michael Solem, Joann Zadrozny and Thomas Larsen gave a panel on Powerful Geography. The NCRGE hosted a day of special-tracked sessions, including a panel discussion from the 2nd year RCN awardees and two keynote addresses by Dr. Nora Newcombe and Dr. David Lambert. 


  • November 29, 2017 -- Gary Knell, the President and CEO of National Geographic Society gave the 18th Annual Grosvenor Distinguished Lecture to a packed house of students, professors, and administrators. Mr. Knell talk was about a new initiative of the Society called "Generation Geography". 

    Boehm, Trauth, and Knell


    Knell speaking

  • November - At the Annual Meeting of the National Council for the Social Studies, Joann Zadrozny and Drs. Boehm and Solem presented on Project Geography Online. Dr. Boehm even gave a special talk about Powerful Geography at the McGraw-Hill Education Booth to a group of teachers (pictured below).



  • July - The Grosvenor Center staff traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the Annual Meeting of the National Council of Geographic Education to present on current research endeavors. At the meeting, NCRGE co-directors, Dr. Boehm and Solem held a plenary session to discuss Powerful Geography.  

Powerful Geography Panel

  • June-- The Grosvenor Center hosted a week of professional development workshops as a part of our Project GO, a grant funded by Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. During the week, six STAR teachers discussed teaching strategies on four various content modules. These modules will be produced into four new STARS professional development videos. 

    Behind the scenes of Project GO


  • April-- The Grosvenor Center staff traveled to Boston, MA to attend the Annual Conference of the AAG. At the conference, NCRGE hosted its 2nd Annual Transformative Research in Geography Education Symposium, with a full day of sessions. Pictured below are the 1st year RCN awardees.  

    NCRGE symposium - RCN year one grantees


  • March-- As of March 1st, Dr. Michael Solem has joined the faculty of the Department of Geography at Texas State University as Research Professor and Director of Research for the Gilbert M. Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education. He will continue to serve as Co-Director of the National Center for Research in Geography Education.
  • February-- At a special luncheon hosted in Washington D.C. at the National Geographic Society headquarters, Texas State University honored the National Geographic Society as Hero's of the University for their support over the last three decades. To accept the honor was current President and CEO, Gary Knell. Also there from National Geographic Society was past President and CEO Gilbert M. Grosvenor. Representing Texas State was Dr. Eugene Bourgeois, Dr. Michael Hennessey, Dr. Barbara Breier, Dr. Alberto Giordano, and Dr. Richard G. Boehm.
     NGS HERO Banner


  • October -- Graduate research assistant, Joanna Zadrozny was a presenter at the annual Groundwater Festival at the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment. Over 470 4th graders from San Marcos schools were in attendance to learn about water. 



  • ​October -- Joanna Zadrozny presented at the annual meeting for the Texas Council for the Social Studies held in Corpus Christi.
  • September -- Drs. Muniz-Solari, Solem and Boehm (editors) published "Learning Progressions in Geography Education: International Perspectives." 
  • July -- Grosvenor Center staff attended the National Council for Geography Education annual meeting in Tampa, Florida. 
  • May --  The Grosvenor Center hosted an Early Career Conference in Lafayette, Louisiana. Early Career Scholars from across the U.S. joined us, in addition to Drs. Audrey Mohan, Niem Huynh and Michael Solem, for a three-day workshop focused on developing a geospatial thinking test. 

Early Career


  • ​April -- The Grosvenor Center held the 17th Annual Grosvenor Distinguished Lecture. This year's lecturer was Dr. Doug Richardson, the Executive Director of the American Association of Geographers. 


  • March -- The Grosvenor Center staff attended the Annual AAG Meeting in San Francisco, California. During the conference, Dr. Boehm, Dr. Solem and Joanna Zadrozny presented on our research in GeoSTEM, Geocapabilities and GeoProgressions. Additionally on Saturday, NCRGE hosted its first RCN symposium to kick off the award of the RCN NSF-funded network.


October -- Dr. Richard G. Boehm and graduate assistant, Joanna Zadrozny, hosted a workshop at the 95th National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. The workshop was an extension of their current NSF grant -- RAPID research.  



October -- To continue our partnership with East China Normal University, Dr. Richard Boehm traveled to China to give the keynote speech at the Comprehensive Academic Annual Conference in Geography Education 2015 at Henan University. While there Dr. Michael Solem, on behalf of the National Center, signed into effect another MOU with Zhejiang Normal University.

Boehm in China

  • ​September -- In an effort to increase quality geography education professional development, Dr. Richard Boehm and graduate assistant, Joanna Zadrozny, traveled to Education Service Center 14 in Abilene to host a workshop about Geography: Teaching with the Stars
  • July -- At the 100th Annual Conference of the National Council for Geography Education in Washington, D.C., ten of the 14 George J. Miller award winners who contributed to the latest volume of Research in Geographic Education, commemorating the anniversary, gave a panel discussion about what they wrote. 
  • June -- The National Center and Grosvenor Center hosted an Early Career workshop June 24-25 for a six early careers in geography education. They were involved in an extension project of a current NSF research grant as to how geospatial content and skills can be integrated into pre-service teacher training courses in social studies classes. For two days, they worked intensively adding content, technology and pedagogic enrichment to four units. 

    Early Career

  • May -- The Grosvenor Center and National Center held a strategy meeting at The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment with various STEM researchers and partners from Texas State to develop a large-scale teaching and learning program targeting STEM disciplines. The workshop brought together researchers from science education, math education, technology education, engineering education, & geography education. 
  • April -- The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education hosted its 16th Annual Grosvenor Distinguished Lecture this spring. The lecturer was Mr. Jesse Luxton. 


  • February -- The National Center for Research in Geography Education along with the Department of Geography hosted four delegates from East China Normal University on February 2 to talk about partnerships and future collaboration projects between the two universities be formally signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).


  • January -- The National Center for Research in Geography Education hosted a two day team meeting with out-of-state NGS Alliance Coordinators and university researchers to discuss their role in two of the Center's current NSF grant projects-- GeoProgressions and the DRK-12 RAPID grant.