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Dr. Richard G. Boehm
Phone: 512.245.3615
Office: ELA 145
Curriclum Vitae: Boehm VITA May 2019

Dr. Richard G. Boehm

Dr. Richard G. Boehm holds the Jesse H. Jones Distinguished Chair in Geographic Education, the first endowed chair awarded at Texas State University. 

He is the Director of the Gilbert M. Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education. And Co-Director of the National Center for Research in Geography Education. 

He was the Co-Coordinator of the Texas Alliance for Geographic Education from 1986 to 2010; which is now back under his direction.

Dr. Boehm also served as the Chair of the Department of Geography from 1977 to 1994 at Texas State University.

Major Contributions to Curriculum Frameworks in Geographic Education

  • 2016 to present  --  Creator and Project Director. "Powerful Geography: New Thinking for the Next Generation of Geography Education" Curriculum Framework (with others). Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education, Department of Geography, Texas State University: San Marcos, TX. 
  • 2000 to 2001  --  Chair of Working Group. Path toward World Literacy: A Scope and Sequence in Geographic Education, K-12. 2001. Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education, Texas State University and National Geographic Society Education Foundation: San Marcos, TX and Washington, DC. 
  • 1992 to 1994  --  Member, Geography Education Standards Project (GESP). Geography for Life: National Geography Standards. 1994. National Geographic Society Research and Exploration Education Foundation: Washington, DC. 
  • 1983 to 1984  --  Member, Joint Committee on Geographic Education (JCGE). Guidelines for Geographic Education. 1984. (S. Natoli, ed.). National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) and American Association of Geographers (AAG): Indiana, PA and Washington, DC.

Awards and Recognitions

2010 -- Distinguished Mentor Award, National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE)
2002 -- Gilbert M. Grosvenor Honors for Geographic Education, American Association of Geographers (AAG)
1995 -- Presidential Seminar Award, Texas State University
1991 -- George J Miller Award for Distinguished Service to Geographic Education, NCGE
1990 -- Distinguished Geographic Educator, National Geographic Society (NGS)
1988 -- Journal of Geography Best Article Related to Teaching in Elementary Schools - Boehm, R.G. and J. Petersen. Teaching place names and locations in grades 4-8: Maps of errors. Journal of Geography 86(4): 167-70.
1985 -- Distinguished Teaching Achievement Award, NCGE
1980 -- Journal of Geography Best Article Related to Teaching in Elementary Schools - Boehm, R.G. and J. Kracht. Geography is more than knowing: Deciding and doing are basic, too! Journal of Georgaphy 79(3): 104-7.


Courses Taught


Contemporary Issues in Geography Education

World Geography

Seminar in Geographic Curriculum

Economic Geography

Advanced Seminar in Geographic Education


History and Philosophy of Geographic Education


Contemporary Topics in Geography Education


Applied Economic Geography



Refereed Research Articles

The Rise of Powerful Geography
by Boehm, R.G., Solem, M. and J. Zadrozny · May 21, 2018 Read More
Integrating geospatial technology in pre-service teacher training programs
by Summers, E.J., J. Zadrozny, J.P. Overschelde, N.T. Huynh, M. Solem, and R.G. Boehm · May 1, 2017 Read More
On matters of concern
by Boehm, R.G. · May 1, 2015 Read More
STEM Corps: A workforce enhancement for at-risk students
by Zadrozny, J., C.P. Brysch, R.G. Boehm and F. Morales · Apr 10, 2014 Read More
A new pathway: Video-based professional development in geography
by Brysch, C.P., R.G. Boehm, A. Mohan and A, Backler · Feb 1, 2012 Read More
An elaboration of the fundamental themes in geography
by Boehm, R.G., and J. Petersen · Sep 1, 1994 Read More
The guidelines for geographic education: A ten-year retrospective
by Petersen J., S. Natoli, and R.G. Boehm · Sep 1, 1994 Read More
The bête noir of geographic education: Teacher training programs
by Boehm, R.G., J. Brierly, and M. Sharma · Jan 1, 1994 Read More
Teaching Place Names and Locations in Grades 4–8: Map of Errors
by Boehm, R.G., and J. Petersen · Sep 1, 1987 Read More
Geography is more than knowing: Deciding and doing are basic, too!
by Kracht, J. and R. G. Boehm · Jul 1, 1980 Read More


TEXTBOOKS: High School and Middle School

Multiple editions dating back to 1987

  • Discovering World Geography. 2018. Columbus, OH: Glencoe, McGraw-Hill.
  • Geography: The Human and Physical World. 2018. Columbus, OH: Glencoe, McGraw-Hill.
  • Discovering World Geography: Eastern Hemisphere. 2014. Columbus, OH: Glencoe, McGraw-Hill.
  • Discovering World Geography: Western Hemisphere. 2018. Columbus, OH: Glencoe, McGraw-Hill.



Academic Books

Learning Progressions on Geography Education: International Perspectives.
by Muniz-Solari, O., M. Solem, and R.G. Boehm Read More
Learning Progressions for Maps, Geospatial Technology and Spatial Thinking: A Research Handbook
by Solem, M., N.T. Huynh, and R.G. Boehm Read More
The Best of Both Worlds: Merging History and Geography in the K-12 Curriculum
by Bohem, R.G., D.W. Saxe, and D. Rutherford · Feb 1, 2003 Read More

Advising and Mentoring

Ph.D. Graduates in Geographic Education

2018 -- Joann Zadrozny: An Analysis of the Alignment Between National and State Geography Standards.

2018 -- Caroline McClure: Significance and Influence of the National Geographic Society Alliance Network on K-12 Geography Education, 1986-2011: An Historical Narrative.

2016 -- Christa Farano: An Analysis of Travel Efficiency Within the Context of Geographic Education and the Daily Trip Plan.

2015 -- Mary Curtis: Analyzing the Diffusion of Geospatial Technologies as an Instructional Technology in High School Geography Education.

2014 -- Carmen Brysch: Analysis of the Evolution of an Online Professional Development System in Geography Education.

2014 -- Michael Scholz: An Analysis of the Performance and Subject Interest of 9th Grade Students Taking the Advanced Placement Course in Human Geography.

2013 -- Andrew Sansom: The Effectiveness of Environmental Education Outside the Classroom: Student Learning at the Meadows Center for Water and The Environment at Texas State University-San Marcos.

2013 -- Lee Stone: Self-Emplacement in the Life World: The Geographic Imagination of American Middle Adolescents.

2011 -- Frank Morales: Geography’s Role in Supporting Non-Traditional, At-Risk Student Education for the General Educational Development Credential.

2011 -- Cathy Cooper: The Incorporation of Standards-Based Geography Into the Classroom in Maryland Middle School Grades.

2009 -- Audrey Mohan: Teacher Efficacy in Geography: A Mixed Methods Study of Formal and Informal Teacher Education.

2009 -- Christopher Murr: A Qualitative Analysis of the Differing Perceptions of Geography by Visually and Non-Visually Impaired Students.

2008 --Brian Earle: A Phenomenographic Analysis of Elementary Teacher Candidates’ Conceptions of Geography

2008 -- Zachary Moore: Evolution of Geography In The United States’ Public School Curriculum: An Analysis of the Influence of Societal Movements and Historical Events.

2007 -- Cathryn Springer: The Construction of Place in Technologically-Mediated Learning Experiences: The Nature, Process, and Effects of Virtual Field Studies.

2006 -- Ellen Foster: A Longitudinal Analysis of a Geography-Based Minority Recruiting Model.

2006 -- Xiaomin Qui: Geographic Information Technologies: An Influence on the Spatial Ability of University Students?
2005 -- David Rutherford: A Discipline of Synthesis? An Investigation Into Geography’s Subject Matter and Disciplinary Identities Through the Lens of Geographic Education.