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Ed Chow

ed chow
Ed Chow

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Geography, University of South Carolina, 2005
Office: ELA 326
Phone: 512.245.3200
Vita     HB2504 information
Personal  Website
Research Interests:  GIS, Environmental Modeling, Big Data Analytics, Population Estimation, Hazards






Chow, T. E., In press, A crowdsourcing-geocomputational framework of mobile crowd simulation and estimation, Cartography and Geographic Information Science.

Chow, T. E., R. T. Schuermann, A. H. H. Ngu and Khila R. Dahal, 2018, Spatial mining of migration pattern from web demographics, International Journal of Geographic Information Science. 32(10): 1977-1998.

Dahal, K. R., and Chow, T. E., 2014, An Agent-Integrated Irregular Automata model of urban land use dynamics, International Journal of Geographic Information Science. 28(11): 2281-2303.

Chow, T. E., 2013. "We know who you are and we know where you live": A research agenda of web demographics, Crowdsourcing Geographic Knowledge. Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) in Theory and Practice. Edited by Sui D., S. Elmwood and M. Goodchild, (Dordrecht, Netherland: Springer). pp. 265-285. [refereed]

Chow, T. E., Y. Lin, N.T. Huynh, and J. Davis, 2012. Using Web Demographics to Model Population Change of Vietnamese-Americans in Texas between 2000-2009, GeoJournal.77(1): 119-134.

Courses Taught:

GEO 7418 Technical Foundation and Methods in GIS Texas State University
GEO 7399 Dissertation Texas State University

GEO 7390 Independent Study Texas State University
GEO 7364 Geocomputation Texas State University
GEO 7318 GIS and Environmental Geography Texas State University
GEO 5419 Geographic Information Systems II Texas State University
GEO 5418/7417 Geographic Information Systems I Texas State University

GEO 5335 Directed Research Texas State University
GEO 5301 Multivariate Quantitative Methods Texas State University
GEO 3426 Advanced GIS Texas State University
GEO 2426 Fundamentals of GIS Texas State University