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Osvaldo Muñiz-Solari

osvaldo muniz-solari photo

Ph.D., Geography, University of Tennessee, 1991
Office:  ELA 359
Phone: 512.245.0375
Vita      HB2504 information
Research Interests: Population, Transportation, Economic Geography Flows, World Regional Networks, Geography Education

Publications (last three years)

Chapters in Books:

Muñiz Solari, O., Jiang, L. 2019. The Shanghai Model for Global Geography Education. Part II – Asian Case Studies: Chapter 7. In Javier Calvo de Mora, Kerry J. Kennedy (eds.) Schools and Informal Learning in a Knowledge-based World. Asia-Europe Education Dialogue. New York: Routledge. Pages 99 - 118.

Muñiz Solari, O. 2018. Preparing Global Citizens in the United States.  In Ali Demirci, Sara Bednarz, Rafael de Miguel González (eds.) Geography Education for Global Understanding. International Geographical Union Commission on Geographical Education (IGU-CGE), (IGU). Springer. Pages 205 – 213.

Refereed Journal Articles:

Nguyen, NgocAnh; Muniz-Solari, Osvaldo; Dang, Dung Tien, Nguyen; and Thao Phuong. Reviewing Spatial Thinking in Geography Textbooks Questions from the Perspective of Spatial Thinking. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 2019, 338, 012042

Jiang, Lianfei; Duan, Yushan; Muniz Solari, Osvaldo; Li, Wentian; Gong, Qian; and Zhou, Weiguo. A Study of Transnational E-Learning by Collaboration. China Academic Journal., 2018, 6:96-102. [Chinese] 跨国在线协作学习模式研究

Edited Books:

Muñiz Solari, Osvaldo, Solem, Michael, Boehm, Richard (eds.) 2017.  Learning Progressions in Geography Education - International Perspectives. National Center for Research in Geography Education. Springer.

Courses Taught:


Geographical Analysis (GEO 5309)

Transportation Systems (GEO 5336)

Regional Analysis (GEO 5317)

Advanced Seminar (GEO 7371)

Theories & Methods in Geographic Education (GEO 5342-7342)


International Flows (GEO 4393)

Latin America (GEO 3308)

Population Geography (GEO 3349) – Face to Face and Full Online

World Regional Geography (GEO 1310) – Face to Face and Full Online