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Rene DeHon

rene dehon

Senior Lecturer
Ph.D., Geology/Geochemistry, Texas Tech University, 1970
Office:  ELA 371
Phone:  512.245.7461
Vita    HB2504 information
Research Interests:   Mineralogy, Petrology, Planetary  Geology


De Hon, R.A., P.A. Washington, L.N. Glawe, L.M. Young, and E.A. Morehead (2001) Formation of northern Louisiana ironstones: Gulf Coast Assoc. Geological Societies Transactions, v. 51, 55-61.

Earl F. Emery, Thomas Junk, Ray E. Ferrell Jr., René De Hon, and Lester G. Butler (2001) Solid-State 2H MAS NMR Studies of TNT Absorption in Soil and Clays: Environmental Science and Technology, 53, 2973-2978.

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De Hon, R.A., 1987, Ring Furrows: Inversion of topography in martian highlands. Icarus 71,287- 297.

Courses Taught:

At Northwestern State Univ. of Louisiana, University of Arkansas at Monticello, University of Louisiana at Monore, Semester at Sea, and Texas State University.

Clay Mineralogy* Crystallography and Mineralogy Economic Geology (Metals) Field Methods
General Geology
Geology Field Camp (Instructor and Director) Geomorphology
Geomorphology/Structural Geology (Taught as a one semester survey)
Groundwater Geology
Historical Geology
Igneous and metamorphic Petrology* Introduction to Weather and Atmosphere Mineralogy Natural Disasters Geomorphology Petrology
Physical Geology
Physical Geology Field Methods Planetary Geology*
Rocks and Minerals (one semester survey course) Sedimentation and Stratigraphy
Structural Geology
X-Ray and Optical Mineralogy* X-Ray Diffraction Techniques*
*Taught at graduate level