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Russell Weaver

russell weaver

Currently on development leave
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Geography, The State University of New York at Buffalo, 2012
Office:  ELA 336
Phone: 512.245.3903
Vita      HB2504 information
Research Interests: Neighborhood change, land use policy, community geography, community economic development


Weaver, R. (2018). Exploring the elements of social capital: leverage points and creative measurement strategies for community building. National Civic Review, 107(1): 16-30.

Weaver, R and J. Knight. (2018). Analysis of a multipronged community development initiative in two distressed neighbourhoods. Community Development Journal, 53(2): 301-320.

Holtkamp, C. and R. Weaver. (2018). Placing social capital: place identity and economic conditions in Appalachia. Southeastern Geographer, 58(1): 58-79.

Holtkamp, C. and R. Weaver. (2018). Quantifying the relationship between social capital and economic conditions in Appalachia. Applied Geography, 90(1): 175-186.

J. Knight, R. Weaver, and P. Jones. (2018). Walkable and resurgent for whom? The uneven geographies of walkability in Buffalo, New York. Applied Geography, 92: 1-18.

Weaver, R., S. Bagchi-Sen, J. Knight, & A. Frazier. (2016). Shrinking cities: understanding urban decline in the United States, 1st edition. New York: Routledge. ISBN: 1138796867.

Weaver, R. and C. Holtkamp. (2016). Determinants of Appalachian identity: using vernacular traces to study cultural geographies of an American region. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 106(1): 203-221.

Weaver, R. (2015) Critical sustainabilities: Negotiating sustainability’s discursive maze in the classroom. Journal of Geography, 114(6): 223-234.

Weaver, R. and S. Bagchi-Sen. (2014). Evolutionary analysis of neighborhood decline using multilevel selection theory. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 104(4): 765-783.

Courses Taught:

GEO-3320: Community and Regional Planning
GEO-4321: Cities and Urban Design
GEO-5301: Multivariate Statistics
GEO-5360: Seminar in Planning Problems (Community Geography)
GEO-7300: Nature and Philosophy of Geography
GEO-7301: Advanced Quantitative Methods