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Tim Loftus

tim loftus photo

Professor of Practice
Ph.D., Geography, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2000
Office: ELA 342
Phone: 512.245.7456
Research Interests: water supply planning, watershed planning, water-use conservation and efficiency, drought preparedness, water policy, utility water loss


Adams, Jane, Steven Kraft, J.B. Ruhl, Christopher Lant, Tim Loftus, and Leslie Duram. 2005. Watershed planning: Pseudo-democracy and its alternatives – the case of the Cache River Watershed, Illinois. Agriculture and Human Values 22(3): 327-338.

Baker, David B., R. Peter Richards, Timothy T. Loftus, and Jack W. Kramer. 2004. A New Flashiness Index: Characteristics and Applications to Midwestern Rivers and Streams. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 40(2):503-522.

Lant, C.L., S.E. Kraft, J. Beaulieu, D. Bennett, T. Loftus, and J. Nicklow. 2005. Using GIS- based ecological-economic modeling to evaluate policies affecting agricultural watersheds. Ecological Economics 55(4): 467-484

Lant, Christopher, Timothy Loftus, Steven Kraft, and David Bennett. 2001. Land-use dynamics in a southern Illinois watershed. Environmental Management 28(3): 325-340.

Loftus, Timothy T. and Steven E. Kraft. 2003. Enrolling conservation buffers in the CRP. Land Use Policy 20: 73-84.

Ruhl, J.B., Christopher Lant, Tim Loftus, Steven Kraft, Jane Adams, and Leslie Duram. 2003.

Proposal for a Model State Watershed Management Act. Environmental Law 33(4): 929-947.

Courses Taught: