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Tom Ballinger

tom ballinger

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Geography, Kent State University, 2015
Office: ELA 366
Office Phone: 512-245-3202
Vita     HP2504 information
Research Interests:  Arctic Change, Cryosphere-Climate Interactions, Synoptic Climatology

Recent Publications:

Ballinger, T.J., R.V. Rohli, M.J. Allen, D.A. Robinson, and T.W. Estilow, 2018: Half-century perspectives on North American spring snowline and
      snow cover associations with the PNA teleconnection pattern. Climate Research, 74, 201-216, doi:10.3354/cr01499.

Ballinger, T.J., E. Hanna, R.J. Hall, J. Miller, M.H. Ribergaard, and J.L. Høyer, 2018: Greenland coastal air temperatures linked to Baffin Bay
      and Greenland Sea ice conditions during autumn through regional blocking patterns. Climate Dynamics, 50, 83-100,

Ballinger, T.J., E. Hanna, R.J. Hall, T.E. Cropper, J. Miller, M.H. Ribergaard, J.E. Overland, and J.L. Høyer, 2018: Anomalous blocking
      over Greenland precedes 2013 extreme early melt of local sea ice. Annals of Glaciology, 59, 181-190, doi:10.1017/aog.2017.30.

Hanna E., R.J. Hall, T.E. Cropper, T.J. Ballinger, L. Wake, T. Mote, and J. Cappelen, 2018: Greenland Blocking Index daily series 1851-2015:
      analysis of changes in extremes and links with North Atlantic and UK climate variability and change. International Journal of
      Climatology, 38, 3546-3564, doi:10.1002/joc.5516.

McLeod, J.T., T.J. Ballinger, and T.L. Mote, 2018: Assessing the climatic and environmental impacts of mid-tropospheric anticyclones
      over Alaska. International Journal of Climatology, 38, 351-364, doi:10.1002/joc.5180.

Overland, J.E., M. Wang, and T.J. Ballinger, 2018: Recent increased warming of the Alaskan Marine Arctic due to mid-latitude linkages.
      Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, 35, 75-84, doi:10.1007/s00376-017-7026-1.

Budikova, D., T.W. Ford, and T.J. Ballinger, 2017: Connections between north-central United States summer hydroclimatology and
      Arctic sea ice variability. International Journal of Climatology, 37, 4434-4450, doi:10.1002/joc.5097.

Ballinger, T.J., and S.C. Sheridan, 2016: Sea ice impacts on polar surface weather types in the North American Arctic. Climate
      Research, 67, 117-134, doi:10.3354/cr01363.

Recent Courses Taught:

GEO 1305: Meteorology
GEO 3305: Climatology
GEO 5301: Multivariate Quantitative Methods
GEO 5316/7393M: Global Climate Change