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President Statement on Immigration Executive Order

Dear Texas State Community,
As most of you are aware, President Trump recently issued an Executive Order temporarily banning entry into the United States by individuals from the following countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. This executive action potentially affects students, visiting scholars, and faculty at Texas State University. We have reached out to the 22 affected individuals here at our university, including 18 students, two visiting scholars, and two faculty members, to offer our assistance. We value the contributions that these 22 people make to Texas State; they enrich our community.
Individuals seeking advice, or who have immigration and travel-related questions, should contact Assistant Vice President for International Affairs Ryan Buck (phone: 512-245-7966; email:
I want you to know our university is committed to ensuring that our community is diverse and composed of people from many cultures, reflecting both the global environment in which we live and our core values.
The implications of this Executive Order are still being determined as the interpretation and implementation of the order remains fluid. We will continue to monitor this situation and provide advice and counsel to the Texas State community when appropriate.
We recognize that this Executive Order has caused disruption and consternation in our community. Now is the time to commit to our long-held beliefs in non-discrimination and equal opportunity. These are foundational values of not just our university, but of higher education in America. We remain steadfast in our commitment to these values and to all who are protected by our non-discrimination statement.
Let me close by addressing the fliers that were found posted on our San Marcos Campus this week. I personally find these fliers reprehensible. Racial intolerance has no place at Texas State. These fliers are meant to divide us; please do not allow that to happen.
Denise M. Trauth