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Student Organizations


Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU) Geographical Honor Society

Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU) is an international honor society in geography. Gamma Theta Upsilon was founded in 1928 and became a national organization in 1931. Members of GTU have met academic requirements and share a background and interest in geography. GTU chapter activities support geography knowledge and awareness.



bobcat stream teamBobcat Stream Team is an interdisciplinary student organization that aims to promote environmental stewardship through outreach and water quality monitoring. We are affiliated with the Texas Stream Team (


SOGIS (Society of Geographic Information Science)

SOGIS promotes GIS geography, networks with GIS professionals in a wide range of fields, shares internship and job opportunities on various forums, and designs projects. SOGIS organizes and hosts TXST GIS Day annually on November 16.


SUPO (Student Urban Planner's Organization)

A professionally sponsored group of students, The Texas State University Student Urban Planner’s Organization seeks to expand the academic and field-work knowledge of all students ordained within the Department of Geography by utilizing tenured wisdom presented by guest lecturers, faculty, and noted alumni as well as applying skill and knowledge to semester projects, field work, and encouraged trips.

Supporting Women in Geography (SWIG)

SWIG is a Texas State University official student organization set upon inclusion and encouragement as we grow towards success in the geography field. We provide students with the ability to connect with other professionals and gain insight on our futures while getting involved in the community. Most importantly, we create an understanding and supporting environment for all walks of life.

RINSE (River Inspired Student Effort)

The River Inspired Student Effort at Texas State University is a student organization committed to the conservation and maintenance of the San Marcos River. We aim to engage students and the community in river related issues through the creation and promotion of river clean-up days and educational events. In addition to local conservation efforts, we aim to contribute to water scarcity issues on a global scale through contributions to WaterAid Int’l. We believe in taking local action while making a global difference.


Geology Club (new and improved website forthcoming)

We are an official Texas State student organization in the Department of Geography, dedicated to bringing together students with an interest in geology.



We are a diverse gathering of students who share a common appreciation for the environment. Through our local actions, we encourage progress and growth towards a global, sustainable future. We put this mission into action through three pillars of ECO; education, service and change.