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Title Format Grade Level TEKS Keywords Description

Esri GeoInquiries

html 4-12   GIS, skills, concepts GeoInquiries are short, standards-based inquiry activities for teaching map-based concepts found in commonly used textbooks. Flyer

Water Facts Poster

PDF K-12   water 8.5 x 11 PDF of the water facts poster from TCSS 2016

APHG, World Geo, and TEKS

PDF HS   APHG, World Geo, TEKS This document provides information on the relationship between APHG, World Geography, and the TEKS. It includes ways to offer both World Geo and APHG at your school as well as clarifies the role of the TEKS in the APHG course. (Also visit the policy page.)

Local to Global: Geographic Connections

PDF, Zip 4-8     This learning unit provides overviews and instructional materials on geographic concepts for 4th-8th grade students and teachers. Topics include: Spatial Skills, Places and Regions, Human Systems, Physical Systems, and Environment and Society.

MapShots Strategy (with timeline)

Word 4-12   skills MapShots are note-taking templates where students organization information in a matrix around a central blank areas where they can sketch a map or color in a simple thematic map. Learn more

Geography Careers

html K-12   careers

Since its launch, the Geography Career and Internship TRACS site at Texas State has logged more than 80,000 user-visits both by geography students and geography alumni searching for career information, internship / job postings and networking opportunities.

Geography Skills

zip/PDF 4-8   mapmaking, GIS This folder includes lesson plans, vocabulary, and strategies to address the geography skills TEKS for grades 4-8.

Intro to Geospatial Analysis for HS

PPST, zip 9-12   GIS Powerpoint presentation and handout for 2014 TCSS presentation.


PDF, zip 9   Religion A packet of resources to support a 2014 TCSS presentation by Murali Balaji.

Earthquake Summary Posters

HTML     Physical From USGS: Each poster in the Earthquake Summary Poster series contains multiple panels showing the epicentral area, plate tectonic environment, earthquake history, and generalized seismic hazard of the region.

What is Geography?

Quicktime, PDF Teacher     Video and supplemental article by Dr. Brock Brown to support the video.

Geographical Perspectives

Quicktime Teacher     Video

Geographical Realities

Quicktime Teacher     Video


Quicktime       Video with Dr. Jeff Lash


Quicktime     Physical Video with Dr. Jeff Lash

Intertropical Convergence Zone

Quicktime     Physical Video with Dr. Jeff Lash

Writing Assessment Questions

Quicktime     Assessment Video from the 2012 TAGE Summer Institute

Aid To Africa Lesson Plan

PDF, 914.1 KB 9 9.15 Citizenship, Africa The purpose of this lesson is to expose students to both sides of an issue. It is designed to get the students thinking about an issue, not to teach them what to think about an issue.

Thinking Skills in Geography


PDF, 7756.4 KB K-8   Skills Grades K-8: This engaging workshop for elementary and middle school will challenge students to think about the world in which we live. Participants will learn how to engage their students in analytical thinking, which is as an active process where students construct knowledge of the world. Learn how to incorporate analytical skills into the classroom.

Geographic Influences of Texas Settlement


PDF, 1145.0 KB 4, 7   Migration, Settlement This lesson is an analysis of various maps of Texas between 1821-1861 that weill be used to show the settlement and development of Texas by various ethnic groups.

Exploring Texas Ecoregions

External Link, PDF 4, 7   Physical Explore the natural and cultural resources that existin each of the eleven natural regions or ecoregions of Texas. (TPWD)

On the Move


PDF, 449.9 KB 6, 8   Culture, Migration Names have meaning and create order. The student will compare place names as means of investigating immigration patterns.

Do You Know Anything About What You Are Eating

PDF, 124.3 KB 8     This lesson is designed to allowed students to study the background of the American diet. It is also a means to incorporate technology into the historical/geographical aspects of the lesson.

Change Over Time

zip 9

9.3B, 9.4B, 9.21C, 9.22A, 9.22C

Landforms, Physical Landscapes can be thought of as nature’s sculpture of Earth’s surface. Student will need to understand the processes on how these landforms are formed and how they affect the patterns of where people live.

Spatial Diffusion EpidemicsPandemics Over Time Lesson Plan

(PDF, 820.6 KB) 9     Epidemics and pandemics can be traced over time showing the process of diffusion and human movement. Students will understand how epidemics and pandemics impact society. In this one day lesson, students will visit four learning centers tracing the movement of four different epidemics and pandemics that have occurred throughout history using a world map, vocabulary cards, technology and personal reflection.

Mastering Principles of World Population Lesson Plan

(PDF, 889.0 KB)        

Islam in Africa

(PPSX 3222 KB)        

Texas Geography and History Pre 1836

(PPTX, 2541 KB) 4, 7   Texas  

Crater Morphologies

(PPT 9052 KB)        

Not Your Ordinary Border

(PPT 14858 KB)        

World Geography Teaching Strategies


Human Geography Study Guide


Watershed Education for Teachers


National Geography Standards


Road Map Project


Welcome to SE Asia

(ZIP, PDF 13739.1 KB) 6, 9      

Ethnic Market Field Study

(PDF, 800.8 KB) 6, 9     The purpose of this assignment is to increase students’ awareness of the role ethnic markets play in an immigrant community, to compare that role to the role played by chain grocery stores, and to practice some important research methods in human geography, including field observation and informal interviews.


(ZIP, PDF 2757.7 KB) 9     In this activity the students will research several countries to select a location for a new factory – weighing factors such as economic and political freedom, access to prominent trade routes, wages, and education levels of the workforce.

Regional Study of Southeast Asia

(ZIP, 863.5 KB) 9, APHG     Grades 9-12: This lesson is designed to introduce the students to the broad overview of the region in a very short amount of time, allowing for more in-depth study of material which must be covered for assessments. It can stand alone as an introduction, or it may be used after the “Southeast Asia Photo Story” activity. 

Texas Tabletop Map

HTML K-12     The NGS Tabletop MapMaker Kits maps include state boundaries, interstate highways, rivers, and the top ten most populous cities in each state. Print the tiled map for use in your classroom.

Texas Map Gallery - Natural Regions

HTML with PDFs 4, 7   Texas, Maps, Physical A Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept link of ecoregion maps in pdf format.

Factors that Affect Climate: LACEMOPS


9   Climate (Linda Hammon, 2014)

Using a World of Apps to Challenge the Kids and Save your Mind




Technology PDF with links to useful websites. (Adalia Davis, 2013)

Teaching World Religions


6, 9   Culture This webinar includes embedded teaching resources. Get them here. (Marci Smith Deal, 2013)

Intro to Physical Geography… Ain’t nobody got time for that!??


9   Physical (powerpoint) (Linda Hammon, 2013)

What is Culture


K-12   Culture This webinar includes embedded teaching resources.  Get them here. (Marci Smith Deal, 2013)

Culture and Religion of Southeast Asia


6, 9   Culture (powerpoint) (Fred Day, 2013)

Cultural Influences on Southeast Asia Religions - Part I


6, 9   Religion (Fred von der Mehden, 2013)

Cultural Influences on Southeast Asia Religions - Part II


6, 9   Religion  

Cultural Perspectives on Southeast Asia: Contemporary Politics and Government I - Common Political Experience


6, 9   Government, Politics (powerpoint) (Hyun Jung Yun, 2013)

Cultural Perspectives on Southeast Asia: Contemporary Politics and Government II - People and Language


6, 9   Culture, Politics  

Cultural Perspectives on Southeast Asia: Contemporary Politics and Government III - Religions


6, 9   Religion, Politics  

Economic Geography of Southeast Asia


6, 9   Economic (powerpoint) (Fred Day, 2013)

Environmental Geography of Southeast Asia


6, 9   Environment (powerpoint) (Fred Day, 2013)

Globalization in Southeast Asia


6, 9   Globalization  

Physical Geography of Southeast Asia


6, 9   Physical (powerpoint) (Fred Day, 2013)

Integrating Southeast Asian Visual Art into your Classroom - Part I


6, 9   Art, Teaching Strategy (powerpoint) (Paul Pass, 2013)

Integrating Southeast Asian Visual Art into your Classroom - Part II


6, 9   Art, Teaching Strategy  

Integrating Southeast Asian Visual Art into your Classroom - Part III


6, 9   Art, Teaching Strategy  

Incorporating Southeast Asian Travel Experiences into your Classroom


6, 9   Travel, Teaching Strategy (powerpoint) (Sarah Comeaux, 2013)

A Road Map to Geography in the Classroom

Podcast Teacher