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Labs and Facilities

The university has extensive and state-of-the-art facilities to support research and teaching in GIScience. The Department of Geography has excellent research facilities. Research scientists at TxGISci have access to personal computers, ArcGIS, and remote sensing software packages. Several high performance servers and workstations as well as a variety of input and output devices are also available for use in the department. In addition, the Department of Geography alone houses more than 180 computers in six research labs and  four teaching labs.

Recently, the Texas Center for Geographic Information Science has updated its research lab facilities. These high performance computers will greatly increase the efficiency of the research of graduate students in Texas State University.

Some other departments, such as the department of Health Service Research, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Mathematics, also have good facilities for GIScience-related research and teaching. More information can be found from the links below:

Department of Health Services Research - Lab Facilities

Department of Agriculture - Lab Facilities

  Department of Mathematics - Lab Facilities for Teaching