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PhD Programs

The course curriculum for the doctoral degree is designed to provide depth and breadth of knowledge in geographic theory and research methods. To be admitted to the geography program, a student must have completed a master's degree in geography or a related discipline.

Each doctoral student will have her/his program tailored to meet the academic goals agreed upon in consultation with the PhD advisor, with the approval of the graduate program coordinator, the department chair, and the dean of the Graduate College. All programs will include the necessary core, skills, specialization, and internal and external elective courses.

PhD students must complete a minimum of 31 hours of graduate course work and a minimum of 15 hours of dissertation research and writing credit.

PhD Educational Goals:

To provide a Ph.D. in geography through which students will be educated in the process of geographic research, the development of new knowledge, and the application of this research and knowledge to solve problems with spatial dimensions.

PhD Program Objectives:

1. To graduate PhD's in geography who will conduct vital research and serve the needs and interests of Texas and the nation
2. To employ the latest analytical technologies in scholarly research and in the solution of geographic problems

Academic Specialties:

The PhD offers three academic programs:

1. Geography Ph.D.
2. Geographic Education Ph.D.
3. Geographic Information Science Ph.D.

Each program will be tailored for individual student academic goals within a framework of general curriculum requirements and will be well supported by faculty pedagogy and scholarship.

The department is host to the following centers and programs:

Please address questions regarding these degree programs to:

Ben Zhan Allison Glass-Smith
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