Dr. Thomas Ballinger

tom ballinger
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Geography, Kent State University, 2015
Office: ELA 366
Office Phone: 512-245-3202
Email: tballinger@txstate.edu
Research Interests: Polar Climatology, Cryosphere-Climate Interactions, Extreme

Dr. Denise Blanchard

denise blanchard-boehm
Ph.D., Geography, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1992
Office: ELA 357
Phone: 512.245.3090
Email: rb06@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  Natural and Environmental Hazards, Economic Geography, Environmental Studies, Research Methods, Historical Geography

Dr. Sarah Blue

sarah blue
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Geography, University of California, Los Angeles, 2004
Office: ELA 332
Phone: 512.245.2536
Email: sb74@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  Latin America, Population, Migration

Dr. Richard Boehm

richard boehm
Professor and Jesse H. Jones Distinguished Chair in Geographic Education
Ph.D., Geography, University of Texas at Austin, 1975
Office:  ELA 145a
Phone:  512.245.3615
Email:   rb03@txstate
Research Interests:  Geographic Education, Economic Geography, Applied Geography

Dr. David R. Butler

david butler
Texas State University System Regents' Professor and University Distinguished Professor
Ph.D., Geography, University of Kansas, 1982 
Office:  ELA 359
Phone: 512.245.7977
Email:  db25@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  Geomorphology, Biogeography,  Natural Hazards, Mountain Environments and Environmental Change, Glacier National Park (Montana)

Mr. Mark Carter

mark carter
Lecturer & Internships Coordinator
MAG Geography, Texas State University, 1994
Office:  ELA 126
Phone: 512.245.8587
Email:  mc12@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  Quantitative Methods, Spatial Statistics, Land Use Planning Management and Conservation

Dr. Edwin Chow - Development Leave

Edwin Chow
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Geography, University of South Carolina, 2005
Office: ELA 326
Phone 512.245.3200
Email: chow@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  Internet-GIS, GIS-Based Modeling, Scale, Uncertainty and   Accuracy Assessment, Lidar

Dr. Brian Cooper

Brian Cooper
Senior Lecturer
Ph.D., Geography, Texas State University, 2012
Office: ELA 329
Phone: 512.245.6750
Email: bc31@txstate.edu
Research Interests: World Regional Geography, Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr. Nathan Currit

nathan currit
Associate Professor & Director, Texas Center for Geographic Information Science
Ph.D., Geography, The Pennsylvania State University, 2003
Office:  ELA 331
Phone:  512.245.3198
Email:   nc17@txstate.edu
Research Interests: Uncertainty and Change in Human-Environment Systems, Remote Sensing and Land-Cover Change

Dr. Rebecca Davio

rebecca davio
Assistant Professor of Practice
Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, 2001
Office: Medina 108
Phone: 512.245.7366
Email: r_d178@txstate.edu

Dr. Rene DeHon

rene dehon
Senior Lecturer
Ph.D., Geology/Geochemistry, Texas Tech University, 1970
Office:  ELA 371
Phone:  512.245.7461
Email:   dehon@txstate.edu
Research Interests:   Mineralogy, Petrology, Planetary  Geology

Dr. Jennifer Devine

jennifer devine
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, 2013
Office: ELA 364
Phone: 512.245.3937
Email:  devine@txstate.edu
Research interests: Human-environmental relations, Latin American - US politics, critical social theory

Dr. Richard Dixon

rich dixon
Ph.D., Geography, Texas A&M University, 1996
Office:  ELA 340
Phone:  512.245.7436
Email:   rd11@txstate.edu
Photo courtesy of Jeff Huehn
Research Interests:  Climatology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Environmental Geography, Quantitative Methods, Hazards

Dr. Richard Earl

richard earl
Professor & Undergraduate Coordinator
Ph.D., Geography, Arizona State University, 1983
Office:  ELA 365
Phone:  512.245.3204
Email:   re02@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  Physical Geography, Water Resources, Environmental Change and Management, Field Methods

Dr. Lawrence Estaville

lawrence estaville
Ph.D., Geography, University of Oklahoma, 1984
Office:  ELA 323
Phone: 512.245.7618
Email:  le02@txstate.edu
Research Interests:   Ethnic, Geographic Education, Business Geography

Dr. Alberto Giordano

alberto giordano
Professor and Chair
Ph.D., Geography, Syracuse University, 1999
Office:   ELA 141
Phone:  512.245.6581
Email:   ag22@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  Historical GIS, Holocaust and Genocide Geography, Policy Applications of GIScience, Spatial Applications of Forensic Anthropology

Dr. Ron Hagelman

ron hagelman
Associate Professor and Associate Chair
Ph.D., Environmental Geography, Texas State University, 2002
Office:  ELA 335
Phone: 512.245.8847
Email:  rh46@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  Environmental Geography, Hazards and Disasters,
Historical Geography, Land Management and Conservation, Urban Environment / Agriculture

Dr. Colleen Hiner

colleen hiner
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Geography, University of California, Davis, 2012
Office:  ELA 381
Phone: 512.245.1327
Email:  cch64@txstate.edu
Personal Website
Research Interests:  Political ecology, Land and environmental management, The rural-urban interface (RUI), especially rural-urban linkages and metabolisms, Wine, beer, and cider geographies (aka “fermented landscapes”), Environmental politics and policy, Qualitative and participatory methods

Dr. Don Huebner

don huebner
Senior Lecturer
Ph.D., Geography, University of Texas at Austin, 2002
Office:  ELA 330
Phone: 512.245.0380
Email:  dh48@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  Environmental Geography, Coastal Hazards, Historical Ecology, Geomorphology, Texas and American Southwest, Human Perception of Risk

Dr. Suzon Jammes

suzon jammes
Senior Lecturer
Ph.D., Université of Strasbourg, Geology/GeoPhysics,2009
Office: ELA 372
Phone: 512.245. 0377
Email:  s_j143@txstate.edu
Research Interests: Tectonic, Rheology, deformation processes at lithospheric
scale in extension and contraction

Dr. Jennifer Jensen

jennifer jensen
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Environmental Science, University of Idaho, 2009
Office: ELA 334
Phone: 512.245.1724
Email:  jj41@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  Lidar, Remote Sensing of Vegetation Structure, Multi-Sensor Data Synthesis, Land Use/Land Cover Change, Remote Sensing/GIS Integration

Dr. Injeong Jo

injeong jo
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Geography, Texas A&M University, 2011
Office: ELA 364
Phone: 512-245-3206
Email: ijo@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  Geography and Spatial Thinking Education, Geography and Social Studies Teacher Preparation, Geospatial Technologies for Education, Assessment in Geography

Dr. Jason Julian

jason julian
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Geography, University of North Carolina, 2007
Office: ELA 322
Phone: 512.245.3201
Email: jason.julian@txstate.edu
Personal Website
Research Interests:  Water Resources, Land Use/Land Cover Change, River Ecosystems, Fluvial Geomorphology

Dr. Timothy Loftus

Timothy Loftus
Professor of Practice and Meadows Endowed Chair in Water Conservation
Office: ELA 342
Phone: 512.245.7456
Email:  t_l126@txstate.edu
Research Interests: Water-Use Conservation and Efficiency, Water Supply
Planning and Policy, Watershed Planning

Dr. Yongmei Lu

yongmei lu
Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator
Ph.D., Geography, SUNY Buffalo, 2001
Office:  ELA 337
Phone:  512.245.1337
Email:   yl10@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  GIScience, Urban and Regional Analysis, Health and Medical Geography, Crime Geography

Dr. Kimberly Meitzen

kim meitzen
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Geography, University of South Carolina, 2011
Office:  ELA 382
Phone:  512.245.1336
Email:   kmm218@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  Fluvial Processes and Geomorphology, River Basin Management, Biogeography

Dr. James Petersen

jim petersen
Ph.D., Geography, University of Utah, 1981
Office:   ELA 317
Phone:  512.245.3203
Email:   jp01@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  Geographic Education, Geomorphology, Applied Physical Geography

Dr. Andy Sansom

andy sansom
Professor of Practice
Ph.D., Texas State University, Geographic Education, 2013
Executive Director, The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment
Office: Meadows Center
Phone: 512.245.9200
E-mail: as22@txstate.edu

Dr. Eric Sarmiento

eric sarmiento
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Geography, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, 2015
Office:  ELA 362
Phone:  512.245.3440
Email:   ers89@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  Urban development, cultural geography, political ecology, economic geography, social theory

Dr. Osvaldo Muniz-Solari

osvaldo muniz-solari
Ph.D., Geography, University of Tennessee, 1991
Office:  ELA 338
Phone:  512.245.0375
Email:   os14@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  Online Learning Methods, New Technologies for Global Collaboration, International Flows, TNCs and FDI, Middle America and South America http://www.aag.org/cgge Economic and Regional Geography :International Flows, TNCs and Mining Exploitation, Dams and Regional development; Central America and South America

Dr. John Tiefenbacher

john tiefenbacher
Ph.D., Geography, Rutgers University, 1992
Office:  ELA 361
Phone:  512.245.8327
Email:   jt04@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  Environmental Geography, Hazards & Disasters, Air Quality, Environmental Problems of the US-Mexico Borderlands, Human Dimensions of Wildlife, States of the Former Soviet Union, Geography of Viniculture, Historical Environmental Geography, Genealogy & GIS

Mr. Jon Wagner

jon wagner
Senior Lecturer
M.S., Geosciences, Texas Tech University, 2001
Office:  ELA 368
Phone:  512.245.7980
Email:   jw91@txstate.edu

Dr. Russell Weaver

russell weaver
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Geography, The State University of New York at Buffalo, 2012
Office:  ELA 383
Email:   rcw64@txstate.edu
Phone:  512.245.3903
Research Interests:  Urban Change and Decline, GISicene, Spatial Analysis

Dr. Yihong Yuan

yihong yuan
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2013
Office:  ELA 366
Phone:  512.245.3208
Email: y_y18@txstate.edu
Personal Website:  http://www.yuanyihong.com/
Research Interests:  GIScience, Spatio-Temporal Data Mining, Human Mobility Modeling and Travel Behavior

Dr. Benjamin Zhan

phil suckling
Professor, Director, Texas Center for Geographic Information Science (TxGISci)
Ph.D., Geography, SUNY Buffalo, 1994
Office:  ELA 319
Phone:  512.245.8846
Email:   fz01@txstate.edu
Research Interests:  GIS, Health and the Environment, Transportation and Network Science

Non-tenure Track Faculty

Dr. Billy Fields

billy fields
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of New Orleans, Urban Studies, 2004
Office: UAC 332
Phone:  512.245.7726

Allison Glass-Smith

allison glass-smith
Coordinator, Department Recruiting
MAG, Texas State University, 1999
Office:   ELA 127
Phone:  512.245.2618
Email:   am13@txstate.edu

Dr. Robert Gulley

robert gulley
J.D., Law, The University of Texas at Austin, 1984
Office: ELA373
Phone: 512.245.7989
Email: rlg117@txstate.edu

Linda Hammon

linda hammon
B.S., Education, Southwest Texas State University, 1973
Office: ELA 373
Phone: 512.245.7989
Email: lh14@txstate.edu

Dr. Russell Johnson

russell johnson
J.D., Law, St. Mary's University School of Law, 1977
Office: ELA 373
Phone: 512.245.7989
Email: rj20@txstate.edu

Mr. Neil Kucera

neil kucera
MAG, Geography, Southwest Texas State University, 2001
Office: ELA 362
Phone: 512.245.3440
Email: kuceran@hotmail.com

Dr. Jo Beth Oestreich

JoBeth Oestreich
Ph.D., C&I, The University of Texas at Austin, 2002
Office: ELA 355
Phone: 512.245.7976
Email: jo15@txstate.edu

Shelley Plante

Shelley Plante
MAG, Geography, Texas State University, 2007
Office: ELA 362
Phone: 512.245.7976
Email: ss1331@txstate.edu

Dr. Benjamin Schwartz

benjamin schwartz
Assistant Professor, Biology
Ph.D., Virginia Tech University, Geosciences, 2007
Office: FAB
Phone: 512-245-7608
E-mail: bs37@txstate.edu

Ms. Jen Sembera

jen sembera
Non-tenure Track Faculty
M.Ed., Agriculture Education, Texas State University, 2013
Office:  ELA 355
Phone:  512.245.7976
Email:  jas289@txstate.edu

Dr. Michael Solem

michael solemn
Research Professor & Lecturer
Office: ELA339
Phone: 512.245.8650
Email: ms32@txstate.edu

Dr. Christi Townsend

christi townsend
Ph.D., Environmental Geography, Texas State University, 2012
Office: ELA 351
Phone: 512-245-8302
E-mail: ct1086@txstate.edu

Dr. Todd Votteler

todd votteler
Ph.D., Environmental Geography, Texas State University, 2000
Office: ELA 373
Phone: 512.245.7989
Email: tv20935@txstate.edu

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Byron "Doc" Augustin

byron augustin
Distinguished Professor and Regents' Professor Emeritus
D.A., Northern Colorado, 1975
Research Interests: Conservation, Latin America, geographic education, Middle East

Dr. Fred Day

fred day
Ph.D., Geography, The Ohio State University, 1982
Research Interests: Population, Economic Development East and Southeast Asia

Dr. Ron Eyton

ron eyton
Ph.D., Illinois, 1974
Research Interests: Remote Sensing, Computer Cartography, Quantitative Methods

Dr. Jim Kimmel

jim kimmel
Ph.D., Geography, University of Texas at Austin, 1992
Research Interests: Interpretive Environmental Geography, Nature and Heritage Tourism, River Studies, Southwestern Geography

Dr. Bob Larsen

bob larsen
Distinguished Emeritus
Ph.D. Geography, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Office: Geography Annex - Medina 108-B
Phone: 512.245.0192
Email: rl04@txstate.edu
Research Interests: Urban and Regional Planning, Solid Waste Management

Dr. Susan Macey

susan macey
Ph.D., Geography, University of Illinois, Urbana, 1982
Research Interests and Specializations:  Geographic Information Systems, Environmental Hazards, Energy, Medical Geography, Behavioral Geography, Aging

Dr. Phil Suckling

phil suckling
Ph.D., Geography, University of British Columbia, 1977
Research interests: climatology, natural hazards

Dr. David Stea

david stea
Ph.D., Stanford, 1964
Research Interests: Spatial Cognition, Environmental Perception, Sustainable Development

Retired Faculty

Dr. Brock Brown

brock brown
Ph.D., Geography, University of Oklahoma, 1992