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blanchardDr. Denise Blanchard, Professor
Ph.D., Geography, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1992
Office: ELA 357
Phone: 512.245.3090
Email: rb06@txstate.edu



  Dr. Sarah Blue, Assistant Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, University of California, Los Angeles, 2004
  Office: ELA 332
  Phone: 512.245.2536
  Email: sb74@txstate.edu

richard boehm  Dr. Richard Boehm, Professor and Jesse H. Jones Distinguished Chair of Geographic Education
  Ph.D., Geography, University of Texas at Austin, 1975
  Office:  ELA 145a
  Phone:  512.245.3615
  Email:  rb03@txstate.edu

brock brown

  Dr. Brock Brown, Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, University of Oklahoma, 1992
  Office: ELA 370
  Phone: 512.245.3202
  Email: bb09@txstate.edu

  David ButlerDr. David R. Butler, Texas State University System Regents' Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, University of Kansas, 1982 
  Office:  ELA 359
  Phone: 512.245.7977
  Email:  db25@txstate.edu


mark carter  Mr. Mark Carter, Senior Lecturer
 MAG Geography, Texas State University, 1994
 Office: ELA 126
 Phone: 512.245.8587
 Email: mc12@txstate.edu


edwin chow  Dr. Edwin Chow, Associate Professor
 Ph.D., Geography, University of South Carolina, 2005
 Office: ELA 326
 Phone 512.245.3200
 Email: tc27@txstate.edu


 Dr. BBrian Cooperrian Cooper, Senior Lecturer
 Ph.D., Geography, Texas State University, 2012
 Senior Lecturer
 Office: ELA 329
 Phone: 512.245.6750
 Email:  bc31@txstate.edu



nate currit  Dr. Nate Currit, Associate Professor Director, Center for Inter-American Applied Research
  PhD Geography, The Pennsylvania State University, 2003
  Office:  ELA 331
  Phone:  512.245.3198
  Email:   nc17@txstate.edu


  Dr. Rene Rene DeHonDeHon, Senior Lecturer
  Ph.D., Geology/Geochemistry, Texas Tech University, 1970
  Office: ELA 371
  Phone: 512.245.7461
  Email: rd38@txstate.edu


  Dr. Richard DixonRichard Dixon, Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, Texas A&M University, 1996
  Office: ELA 340
  Phone: 512.245.7436
  Email: rd11@txstate.edu


Richard Earl  Dr. Richard Earl, Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, Arizona State University, 1983
  Office: ELA 365
  Phone: 512.245.3204
  Email: re02@txstate.edu


Lawrence Estaville  Dr. Lawrence Estaville, Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, University of Oklahoma, 1984
  Office: ELA 323
  Phone: 512.245.7618
  Email: le02@txstate.edu


Sven Fuhrmann  Dr. Sven Fuhrmann, Associate Professor (Research/Teaching Leave)
  Ph.D., Geoinformatics, Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster, 2002
  Office: ELA 341
  Phone: 703.993.2289
  Email: sf26@txstate.edu


 Alberto Giordano Dr. Alberto Giordano, Professor and Chair
  Ph.D., Geography, Syracuse University, 1999
  Office: ELA 141/336
  Phone: 512.245.8704
  Email: ag22@txstate.edu


Ron Hagelman  Dr. Ron Hagelman, Associate Professor and Associate Chair
  Ph.D., Environmental Geography, Texas State University, 2002
  Office: ELA 335
  Phone: 512.245.8847
  Email: rh46@txstate.edu


Colleen Hiner  Dr. Colleen Hiner, Assistant Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, University of California, Davis, 2012
  Office: ELA 381
  Phone: 512.245.1327
  Email: cch64@txstate.edu


Don Huebner  Dr. Don Huebner, Senior Lecturer
  Ph.D.,Geography, University of Texas at Austin, 2002
  Office: ELA 330
  Phone: 512.245.0380
  Email: dh48@txstate.edu


Jennifer Jensen  Dr. Jennifer Jensen, Assistant Professor
  Ph.D., Environmental Science, University of Idaho, 2009
  Office: ELA 334
  Phone: 512.245.1724
  Email: jj41@txstate.edu


  Injeong JoDr. Injeong Jo, Assistant Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, Texas A&M University, 2011
  Office: ELA 364
  Phone: 512-245-3206
  Email: i_j13@txstate.edu


Jason Julian  Dr. Jason Julian, Associate Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, University of North Carolina, 2007
  Office: ELA 322
  Phone: 512.245.3201
  Email: jpj34@txstate.edu


Bob Larsen  Dr. Robert Larsen, Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, University of Wisconsin, 1976
  Office: ELA 382 / Medina Building 108-B
  Phone: 512.245.3199 / 512.245.0192 (Medina)
  Email: rl04@txstate.edu


Yongmei Lu  Dr. Yongmei Lu, Professor (Development Leave)
  Ph.D., Geography, SUNY Buffalo, 2001
  Office: ELA 337
  Phone: 512.245.1337
  Email: yl10@txstate.edu


  kim meitzen Dr. Kimberly Meitzen, Assistant Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, University of South Carolina, 2011
  Office: ELA 382
  Phone: 512.245.1336
  Email: kmm218@txstate.edu


  Osvaldo Muniz-SolariDr. Osvaldo Muniz-Solari, Professor (Development Leave)
  Ph.D., Geography, University of Tennessee, 1991
  Office: ELA 338
  Phone: 512.245.0375
  Email: os14@txstate.edu


James Petersen  Dr. James F. Petersen, Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, University of Utah, 1981
  Office: ELA 317
  Phone: 512.245.3203
  Email: jp01@txstate.edu


Phil Suckling  Dr. Philip Suckling, Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, UBC Vancouver, 1977
  Office: ELA 342
  Phone: 512.245.8704
  Email: ps33@txstate.edu


john tiefenbacher  Dr. John Tiefenbacher, Professor
  PhD Geography, Rutgers University, 1992
  Office: ELA 361
  Phone: 512.245.8327
  Email: jt04@txstate.edu


John Wagner  Mr. John Wagner, Lecturer
  M.S. Geosciences, Texas Tech University, 2001
  Office: ELA 368
  Phone: 512.245.7989
  Email: jw91@txstate.edu


russell weaver  Dr. Russell Weaver, Assistant Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, The State University of New York at Buffalo, 2012
  Office: ELA 383
  Phone: 512.245.3903
  Email: rcw64@txstate.edu


Yihong Yuan  Dr. Yihong Yuan, Assistant Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2013
  Office:  ELA 366
  Phone:  512.245.3208
  Email: y_y18@txstate.edu



Ben Zhan  Dr. Ben Zhan, Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, SUNY Buffalo, 1994
  Office: ELA 319
  Phone: 512.245.8846
  Email: fz01@txstate.edu



Adjunct Faculty


  Dr. Rebecca Davio, Adjunct
  Office: ELA 355
  Email: r_d178@txstate.edu


 Dr. FreFred Dayderick Day, Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, The Ohio State University, 1982
 Office: ELA 328
 Phone: 512.245.3207
 Email:  fd02@txstate.edu


greg griffin

  Mr. Greg Griffin, Adjunct
  Office: ELA 373
  Email: gg34@txstate.edu




Dr. Robert Gulley, Adjunt
Office: ELA 373
Email:  rlg117@txstate.edu


russell johnson  Mr. Russell Johnson, Adjunct
  Office: ELA 373
  Email: rj20@txstate.edu




  Mr. Neil Kuceraneil kucera, Lecturer
  Office: ELA 373
  Phone: 512.477.4300 or 512.245.7989
  Email: kuceran@hotmail.com



jo beth oestreich  Dr. Jo Beth Oestreich, Adjunct
  Office: ELA 355
  Phone: 512.245.7976




shelley plante  Ms. Shelley Plante, Adjunct

 Office: ELA 373
 Phone: 512-245-7989
 Email: Shelly.Plante@tpwd.texas.gov




andy sansom  Dr. Andy Sansom, Adjunct
  Ph.D., Texas State University, Geography, 2013
  Executive Director, The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment
  Office: Meadows Center
  Phone: 512-245-9200
  E-mail: as22@txstate.edu

michael solemn Dr. Michael Solem
Office:  ELA 339
Phone: 512.245.8650
Email:  ms32@txstate.edu





benjamin schwartz  Dr. Benjamin Schwartz, Adjunct
  Office: FAB
  Phone: 512-245-7608
  E-mail: bs37@txstate.edu




christi townsend  Dr. Christi Townsend, Adjunct
  Ph.D. Geography, Texas State University, 2012
  Office: ELA 362
  Phone: 512-245-8302
  E-mail: ct1086@txstate.edu



kanika verma  Dr. Kanika Verma, Adjunct
  Ph.D. Geography, Texas State University, 2014
  Office: ELA 349
  Phone:  512.245.8998
  Email:  kv1098@txstate.edu



 todd votteler  Dr. Todd Votteler, Adjunct
   Ph.D. Geography, Texas State University
   Office: ELA 373
   Phone:  512.245.7989
   Email:  tv20935@txstate.edu





Emeritus Faculty


doc augustin  Dr. Byron "Doc" Augustin, Distinguished Professor
  D.A., Northern Colorado, 1975
  Research Interests: Conservation, Latin America, geographic education, Middle East





ron eyton  Dr. Ron Eyton, Professor
  Ph.D., Illinois, 1974
  Research Interests: Remote Sensing, Computer Cartography, Quantitative Methods




jim kimmel  Dr. Jim Kimmel, Professor
  Ph.D., Geography, University of Texas at Austin, 1992
  Research Interests: Interpretive Environmental Geography, Nature and Heritage Tourism, River Studies, Southwestern Geography




david stea  Dr. David Stea, Professor
  Ph.D., Stanford, 1964
  Research Interests: Spatial Cognition, Environmental Perception, Sustainable Development