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Masters Programs

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studentsOur graduate programs offer a wide range of research areas which prepare students for successful careers in federal, state and local agencies and in the private sector.  Our Master's programs are highlighted below. Please click here to jump to the Ph.D. programs.

Master of Applied Geography Degree (MAG)

Designed to train geographers to use their skills and background knowledge to solve real-world problems with geographic dimensions. Applied geography includes such sub-fields as environmental management, land use planning, location analysis, land management, transportation systems planning, applied physical geography, geographic aspects of environmental law, remote sensing, cartography, geographic information science, and computer analysis. The degree is intended to prepare the student for middle management employment, but research skills taught in this program are excellent training for students who intend to proceed to doctoral work.

The majors available under the MAG Degree in geography are:

  • Resource and Environmental Studies 
  • Geographic Information Science
  • Geographic Education
  • Geography (general concentration)

Master of Science Degree (MS)

The objective of the MS program is to provide theoretical, research-oriented master's-level instruction in environmental geography, geographic education and other areas of departmental expertise to interested and qualified students who wish eventually to pursue doctoral work in geography or prepare themselves for research-oriented or teaching careers. The program was formally approved by of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in August 2000.

Admission Policies

  • Admission decisions will be made twice per year: once in the spring semester for entry during the following fall semester, and once in the fall semester for entry during the following spring semester.
  • The applicant must send a completed Graduate College application, a $40.00 application fee, two official transcripts from each University or College attended, and the official score of the Graduate Record Examination to the Graduate College. The applicant must also submit a letter that identifies his or her major and possible areas of research at the MAGeo or M.S. levels and also arrange for two letters of recommendation. The letter of application and letters of recommendation must be sent directly to the Graduate College.
  • Students seeking admission to the MAGeo program must have at least a 3.2 grade-point average during their last sixty hours of undergraduate course work before the bachelor's degree and must have the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score on file in the Graduate College, with a preferred score of 300 (verbal and quanitative combined) prior to review for admission.
  • Students seeking admission to the M.S. program must have at least a 3.4 GPA during their last sixty hours of undergraduate course work before the bachelor's degree and must have the GRE score on file in the Graduate College, with a preferred score of 303 (verbal and quantitative combined)prior to review for admission.
  • The above material must be received no later than October 15 for admission in the following spring, and May 1 for admission in the following fall.
  • The Graduate Committee makes admission recommendations on each applicant. In deciding on whether any applicant is to be admitted, the Committee will take into consideration the current size of the program, the applicant's academic record and academic potential (including the GRE and GPA), the applicant's proposed research area or topic, and the degree to which members of the Graduate Faculty in the Department support the application.
  • Students who are admitted but do not enroll at the expected time without notifying the Graduate Coordinator and the Graduate College by the end of the appropriate registration period must re-apply to the program following the above procedure should they desire to begin the program at a later date.