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A number of faculty members are active researchers in Geographic Information Science (GIScience) on the Texas State campus. In the Department of Geography, Dr. Nate Currit, Dr. Sven Fuhrmann, Dr. Alberto Giordano, Dr. Wook Lee, Dr. Yongmei Lu, and Dr. Benjamin Zhan are directly involved in research and teaching in GIScience.  All faculty members mentioned above are research scientists in the Texas Center for Geographic Information Science (TxGISci).  Current grants/contracts in the Department of Geography that use GIScience technology support many graduate assistants.

In other departments, Dr. Charles Johnson and his research group in the Department of Health Services Research use GIScience for health related research. Dr. Xingde Jia in the Department of Mathematics is actively involved in research in Information Science. Dr. Kim Rossmo and his group at the Department of Criminal Justice are actively conducting research in geospatial intelligence.

The River Systems Institute on the Texas State campus is closely working with researchers in the Texas Center for Geographic Information Science for the river systems research using GIScience methods and technologies.

For more information, please check the home pages of these researchers listed below: