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Program Highlights

Online MAGeo in Geographic Education: Program Highlights

This non-thesis, 33-credit program is based on cutting-edge research and state-of-art approaches to teaching, learning, and professional development in geography. Students may be admitted to the program in Fall or Spring, take 6-9 credit hours per semester including Summer, and complete the degree in 2 years. Students may take up to two courses as a non-degree-seeking student in Spring or Summer 2022 and have those course credits counted toward their master's degree if they applied and were admitted to the program in Fall 2022.

Program brochure (PDF)

WHO needs the program?

  • Are you a certified K-12 teacher? (You do not have to be a teacher at all. You just need to have a love for learning about geography education. Educators with students of any age are welcome!)
  • Do you want to develop your knowledge and skills to teach geography that are inquiry-based, field-based, and involving active student engagement?
  • Do you want to refine your disciplinary knowledge in geography?
  • Are you interested in academic and/or practitioner research in geography education?
  • Would you like to join a nation-wide professional learning community of geography educators?

WHY the program?

  • 100% online program that offers you maximum flexibility.

  • A variety of courses that can meet your needs as a teacher of geography, AP Human Geography, social studies, or earth and environmental science.

  • Internationally recognized faculty members who will closely work with you.

  • Prestigious degree from Texas State University‚Äôs geography education that exerts leadership in Texas, the US, and the world.

WHERE and WHEN do I take courses?

  • Wherever and whenever you are ready to engage online courses!

  • You may take a face-to-face course on campus, too, if you want.

WHAT resources are available for online learning?

  • Supportive faculty members and dedicated staff members of Geography

  • ArcGIS online Professional Advanced User account

  • Library Services

  • Online Writing Lab

  • Zoom Pro account for online meetings

  • Learning Management System (Canvas)

HOW LONG will it take to graduate? 

  • This is a non-thesis program requiring 33-credit hours, including a capstone course (GEO5335 Directed Research). 

  • You may enroll in 3-9 credit hours at a given semester. If you take 6 credit hours per semester including summer, you can finish in 2 years.